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schönes Hochbeet


Here you will find pictures, references and other information

Bayerns schönste Hochbeete

Reference I

Your filled and planted raised bed could look like this.


Our customer satisfaction is close to 100%. 

You too can enhance your garden and make it something special.

A notice:

The granite columns "Turmchen" are not normally supplied in the AT-H kit, so you can only order them on request. The "Zugspitz" raised bed will soon be available in our shop. Price first on request

Granit Holz Hochbeet

Reference II

Whether chives, cucumbers or peppers. Every plant will thrive in your AT-H raised bed. 

Hochbeet Bausatz

Substructure - No concreting required

Granite and stainless steel are combined.

The advantage of an AT-H Systems raised bed is that it can be set up in less than an hour without concreting. In addition, this construction is legally protected and therefore unique on the market. Not only will your garden be enhanced by the raised bed, but you will also attract attention and amaze your peer group.


Simple technique

The AT-H stainless steel "U rails" are bolted to the granite from stock. In addition, all AT-H "U" and AT-H "L" stainless steel irons have lasered elongated holes, which enable the raised bed to be perfectly adjusted horizontally and vertically.

This system is legally protected.

Unique Design 

You will not find a raised bed on the market that features such an artistic design. The harvested vegetables will not only please your palate, but also your eyes. It will be the eye-catcher in your garden. 

Wunderschönes Hochbeet

Best quality

The 2 mm thick stainless steel is precisely lasered and the granite is also accurately drilled. All screws are also made of stainless steel, which has an exceptionally long-lasting durability. 
Furthermore, it should be emphasized that the wood is a native larch, which in turn is known for its robustness and durability in our region. 

Schönes Hochbeet

The mark

Our professional team is constantly developing for you. We represented all professions, from artists to technicians. The result shows that the raised bed certainly has a special unique selling point on the market. 

AT-H Systems stands for quality, elegance and reliability.  

Hochbeet der Extraklasse
AT-H Hochbeet Deluxe
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