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General terms and conditions:

In addition to proper maintenance and use (see below), the following warranty conditions apply to AT-H Systems:

The product must be placed on a level and sufficiently solid floor and properly installed according to the instructions provided or the assembly video shown on the home page.
Correct filling materials must be used (see filling). Mature plants must be of reasonable height and weight.


Intended use of the product -Cultivation of vegetables .

This warranty relates only to the product and therefore does not cover any product damage caused directly or indirectly by improper installation, maintenance and/or use of incorrect filling materials, including damage in relation to the recommended installation specifications and materials stated in our(s). ) installation manual(s) are described.
The larch wood used for the raised bed changes color naturally and becomes greyish over time. AT-H Systems therefore does not guarantee that the natural color will be retained. In addition, the wood can deform slightly due to the climate, which can result in slight cracks in the wood.

Improper use of the  product will void the warranty.


    Proper Maintenance and Use

    Manufacturer warrants to the person, firm or entity purchasing from AT-H Systems that Manufacturer's products will maintain their UV stability and tensile strength under normal conditions during the warranty period set forth below, subject to the conditions and limitations contained in this warranty. For purposes of this warranty, a product is deemed to have retained its UV stability and tensile strength if the product's original tensile strength does not decrease by more than ten percent.


    If a product fails to perform as promised under normal conditions of use during the warranty period, we will provide a replacement product.

    Coverage Restriction

    This guarantee does not apply :

    if the product is used for any application other than growing vegetables.


    Furthermore, the guarantee does not apply if the damage caused by or due to improper processing, installation, maintenance or repairs or to the extent that a defect or damage is caused by:

    Fire, burns, cuts, accidents, vandalism, abuse, negligence or neglect; caused by humans, animals or other persons or objects;


    Improper construction or failure of the substructure of the landscape application/wear or abrasion from edging (including cracks or other damage); 


    use of filling products of wrong type, which leads to additional and accelerated wear of the product;


    Failure to monitor and/or care for appropriate plants. Use of improper equipment or tools; 

    • Use of the AT-H Systems raised bed or associated products for any purpose other than that for which it was designed. (cultivation of vegetables);

    • use of cleaning chemicals, herbicides and/or pesticides;

    • use of improper cleaning methods;

    • Any harmful chemical reaction to the product caused by improper fill materials or spills of any kind;

    • Force majeure or other conditions beyond the manufacturer's control (earthquakes, lightning, floods, fires, storms, hurricanes, etc.);


    Although the manufacturer's product is of exceptional quality, very small manufacturing defects may be present on the product (such as small cracks in the granite or in the wood). Such defects do occur and generally do not affect the shelf life of the product.


    AT-H Systems does not accept warranty claims for minor defects that arise as part of the complicated manufacturing process, unless such occurrences exceed 5% of the total area of the product ordered by a customer. The procedure for making a warranty claim for such a defect is explained in the following section.

    notification of complaints

    For any product quality issues or claims arising during the warranty period, AT-H Systems requires effective evidence. Effective evidence includes:

    3 clear photos showing the actual problem
    Installation location and orientation (including soil profile)
    Filling material sample
    All claims must be submitted via email before a replacement product can be considered. Written warranty claims can be sent to:


    AT-H Systems requires ALL of the above evidence to determine whether or not a claim against this product's warranty is warranted. If the claim is substantiated and accepted by AT-H Systems under the manufacturer's warranty through a customer-initiated claim, a new equivalent product/part will be issued to the customer.

    Please note:

    ALL related COSTS related to the transportation of the replacement product will be borne by the customer as this is a product warranty only. Promotions, discounts and FREE shipping are not part of a warranty claim.

    The cost of removing the original product, disassembling and reassembling the new product will be FULLY borne by the customer. AT-H Systems reserves the right to change any of the above warranty conditions.

    beginning of the guarantee. The guarantee period for the entire raised bed is 2 years. Commencement is from the date the ordered raised bed is physically shipped from our AT-H warehouse to the retail customer; the guarantee is in the name of the customer who bought the order.

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